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Hi, my name is Giuliano 'Gius' Cobelli and I have been MIXING AND MASTERING MUSIC for artists and labels for more than 10 years. If you need your music mixed and mastered you've come to the right place!

Every artist and every project is unique, my approach will be tailored to your need and ways, you will work with somebody who cares about YOU and YOUR MUSIC, and we'll make your music SOUND and FEEL amazing.

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Here you find a selection of my work in a lot of different genres. Shuffle until you find something that resonates with you.

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I also do music production and mastering for video, cinema, and ads.

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lemonille neroli mixig mastering ciudad oasis new music

Lemonille 'NEROLI'
out on Ciudad Oasis

#mixing #mastering

El artista italiano Nicola Masseria dio su salto definitivo hace unos años con “Synopsis” y “When I Come Back”, un par de temas cargados de sintetizadores y percusión, no aptos para oídos trascendentales, que ya son marca de la casa. Después vino la rompedora “Yerso”, la canción que abriría su álbum debut con una melodía al estilo Depeche Mode, y ya después del segundo single, “Neon Breathing”, Nicola deja entrever en temas como “Green Verses” cuál es otra de sus bandas de cabecera, un tema que recuerda a los primeros años The Cure. Amaga con algo trascendental en la estupenda “In The Absence”, pero todo se resume en cargar las atmósferas para hacer que la canción pueda explosionar con un sintetizador. Sí, de nuevo un sintetizador porque es lo que sin duda reina en el disco de Lemonille, sintetizadores y melodías pegadizos, como el de la inocente “The Dream”.


tixis delirics enderrock all water mixing mastering

out on Delirics


El bateria i productor Andreu Tixis Bonshoms - exmembre de bandes com LeJournal o duvium - s’estrena sota el nom de Tixis amb un primer curta durada: La Guajira (Delirics, 2020). En el disc, el músic centra la mirada en Amèrica Llatina i reflexiona a través de quatre cançons sobre els conflictes i les relacions de poder que han acompanyat el continent al llarg dels segles. Sobretot, l’impacte que hi té l’explotació de recursos naturals com el carbó a llocs com La Guajira colombiana -en concret, amb la carbonífera del Cerrejón-.

Tot plegat, surt de la influència dels seus viatges a Llatinoamèrica, que fusionat amb una electrònica melòdica, a l’estil de Bonobo o Nicola Cruz, creen un paisatge sonor i polític singular.

El disc, a més, comptarà amb col·laboracions d’artistes com Tarta Relena i The Bird Yellow.”.

TIXIS page @ Delirics

TIXIS single en Enderrock

opera 23 wic recordings mixed mastered out now premiere pro

Opera23 out on Wic Recordings

#mixing #mastering

"This is the third of four chapters that the Italian composer, based in Barcelona, offers us as a progressive path of writing and listening.

Each chapter investigates the relationship between gesture and sound and how the creative instinct predominates in the early stages, to be progressively overwhelmed by rationalization. In this pyramid-like path, Opera23 chooses to start releasing the third stage, the square, which represents, in the intentions, the best compromise in the search for balance.

The harmony is not complex, the rhythm is recognizable and is structured on understandable repetitions, the few melodic lines can be memorized. Using these elements, the aim was to create complex and related stresses. The symmetrical perception of the square must be perceived but not understood, the compositional sense is inspired by completeness and not by the closed form.

The EP consists of three songs, one of which, Apolo 303, is a remix of a composition by a young and very good producer, Crunkid. The idea of adding a remix comes from the desire to filter, through a rational subtraction, the strong impact, the freshness and the originality that distinguishes the style of Crunkid. The result does not claim to be a modification of the original piece, on the contrary, it is almost an answer.

"SIGNS" is a "shameless" attempt to directly involve the listener in the creative process, so that an ideal dialogue between action and reaction can be created. After the constant repetitions of "Internal With Figures, Lights. And Shadows", his debut album, Opera23 continues his research path by proposing with this EP a piece of a construction from whose total architecture the artist's complete compositional thought can emerge, devoid of any filter.

SIGNS III, SQR has been composed and recorded by Opera23 (Barcelona, 2020) mix and mastering by Giuliano Cobelli (Taak Studio, Barcelona)"




agustin richard spotify playlist novedades indie

en la playlist oficial de Spotify

#mixing #mastering

Letras, musica, guitarras, voz principal, coros, beats: Agustín Richard.
Batería: Leandro Goy. Teclados: Manuel Orge.
Sintetizador, beats: Emiliano Ocampo.
Bajo: Carlos Würfel.

Grabado en Rio Sonoro y Cueva Estudio.

Mezclado y Masterizado por Giuliano Gius Cobelli en Taak Studio.

Producido por Agustín Richard.

Incluido en la playlist OFICIAL de Spotify NOVEDADES INDIE
y en la playlist de ZonaGirante NDE#2

radament new album due mastering by gius

RADAMENT included in


Radament presents its second album “due” after the good reviews received by its homonymous first record in 2017.

Formed in Barcelona by the Galician pianist and composer Juanjo Fernández and the Italian drummer Giorgio Fausto Menossi, the duo keeps the original formula of its debut, with instinctive and raw arrangements, and it is capable to add a compositional maturity that gives more interest and depth.

Radament’s jazz is still blended with classical and rock music, but the spectrum of influences is increasingly wider.

Included in BANDCAMP Best Jazz on Bandcamp April 2019

Juanjo Fernández - piano and composition
Giorgio Fausto Menossi - drums and electronics

Recorded by Alberto Pérez at Sol De Sants Studios

Mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at TAAK Studio

Cover photo by Juanjo Seguro
Design by Ignasi Bosch

Produced by Radament




dandaure ep gaffer records

Dandaure EP
Released on Gaffer Recs

#mixing #mastering

#Mixed and #Mastered Dandaure's first EP to be released Dec14 on Gaffer Recs


Video Teasers:

Released on cassette on December 14, 2018 on Gaffer Records

All tracks written and performed by
Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu - guitar
Krim Bouslama - bass
Fabio Cerina - guitar
Billy Guidoni - drums

Cover art by Arc la Rue, the invitation had been declined, 2016
Recorded by Dandaure at Le Train en Marche, Marseille, November 2017
Mixed and mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio, Barcelona, April 2018

cami a la cooperativa documental fora de cuadre aracoop audiovisual mixing mastering cinema


#mixing #mastering #music·for·cinema

Documental (27 min, 2017) que ens parla, d'una manera molt propera i sempre des de la veu dels seus protagonistes, de la transformació en cooperativa de l'escola Nou Patufet del barri de Gràcia, Barcelona, i el taller de cotxes Coperauto a Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Barcelona.

Emissió a Betevé

Producido por Fora De Cuadre y Aracoop

pacosan mondo sonoro mixing production giuliano gius cobielli ta



El trío Pacosan acaba de sacar el primer adelanto de su nuevo disco “Sour Mood“, que saldrá el próximo 10 de octubre. El nuevo single, llamado “Injured Ghost”, ya se puede escuchar en el Soundcloud de la banda. Grabado en Vilanova y mezclado en Taak Studio.

postkarten tv xtvl mastering television taak studio gius


#mixing #mastering #musicproduction

Banda sonora y sonidos para el documental sobre el projecte de Sostre Cívic "Princesa 49" sobre l'accés a l'habitatge a través de MCU (Model de Cooperatives d'Ús).

El documental pretén ser una eina optimista que, després del seu visionat, deixi a l'espectador amb ganes de fer i transformar, perquè una altra forma d'habitar i viure sigui possible.

Producido por Fora De Cuadre, Ajuntament de Barcelona y Sostre Civic


#mixing #production

I played and produced music for Maia Vidal since her debut in 2009. We recorded and produced the first albums and eps, including the worldwide acclaimed single "Follow Me", from the album "God is my Bike" which featured Marc Ribot in two songs, and the last album "You're The Waves", mixed by Van Rivers.


#mixing #mastering

Agustín Richard was born in Entre Ríos, Argentina in 1986. He is a self-taught guitarist, composer and producer, passionate about music and airplanes. His music covers genres such as folk, soul, rock and pop and his lyrics encompass from the earthly to the mystical the content of human experience. From 2013 to the present he has recorded and edited the albums "Fue De La Inquietud", "Pequeña Muerte" and "Lo Debil de Mi Árbol", making the music videos himself for each of the songs on these albums. Currently he has just released his new singles and videoclips "Días Para No Morir" and "Enciende Un Sonar" which has been included in the Spotify official playlist Novedades Indie.

xesca fort mixing taak studio giuliano gius cobelli


#mixing #mastering

Producido por Xesca Fort. Grabado en La Casamurada Estudio. Octubre 2016. Técnico de sonido: Jesús Rovira. Mezclado y masterizado en Taak Studio por Giuliano Gius Cobelli y Xesca Fort.






Grabado en los estudios Casablanca de Barcelona y mezclado por Alejandro Mazzoni. Masterizato en Taak Studio.



radament mastering taak studio giuliano gius cobelli



"I took to this album immediately, and continue to find it equally charming with each additional listen." - Bird is the Worm -

"The energy of the album is palpable, the joy underlined by supple playing and a sense of freedom. The shifts between composition and improvisation, and between genres, occur as smoothly as a conversation between old friends. There are no seams, only a sense of well-earned camaraderie." - A Closer Lister -

"Alternating swirling crescendo to a more dramatic confessional feel, Radament’s kinetic of experimentation goes freely and compelling at the same time. That’s how you debut." - komakino -

"Sono riusciti a dare vita ad un ibrido ricco di riferimenti, ma privo di vincoli nel quale far confluire liberamente la reciproca creatività." - SoWhat -

"Radament correlates creative progression with emotional openness, gloominess with grace and wonderful melody with significant themes in a cinematic journey for a taste of life. It may be a debut album technically, but it’s already full-grown." - aLive Reports -

Juanjo Fernández - Piano and Composition
Giorgio Fausto Menossi - Drums
Recorded by Alberto Perez at Sol de Sants Studios
Mixed by Giorgio Fausto Menossi
Mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at TAAK Studio


pacosan elo bring me down taak studio giuliano gius cobelli



Il Dottore ens regala la versió que ha fet la banda catalana Pacosan recentment. Els vilanovins han fet una versió inèdita d’un hit de la Electric Light Orchestra, “Don’t bring me down”, enregistrada al seu propi estudi, i que ha comptat amb la participació del productor Giuliano Gius Cobelli de Taak Studio a la mescla i producció finals, tal com ja va succeïr amb el seu disc de debut “My high” (Bankrobber, 2015). Es tracta d’una versió lliure, amb una estructura i arranjaments diferents, on algunes estrofes cantades han estat substituides per sintetitzadors.

rik van den elo bring me down taak studio giuliano gius cobelli


#mixing #mastering #mastering·for·vinyl

I had the pleasure to work once again with Rik for a four tracks ep recorded at Taak Studio, also mixed and masterd by us. 'Love on The Rocks' has also been mastered for vinyl and we pressed a few nice handmade 10" vinyls.

rik van den elo bring me down taak studio giuliano gius cobelli


#mixing #mastering

Un gran placer mezclar y masterizar el ultimo disco de este quinteto (piano, bateria, sax y clarinete, guitarra y efectos). Grabado en un auditorio de Barcelona. Mezclado y masterizado en Taak Studio. Editado por Quadrant Records y entre la "Lista de mejores discos del 2016 para Iñigo Ortega" de Distritojazz y en el "Top10 del 2016" de Local de Jazz.

big poket orchestra mastering taak studio gius



Big Pocket Orchestra have created tunes that are enjoyable to listen to all on their own, and their contextual relationship to pop culture is simply an added bonus. And, most importantly, they made it especially fun."
Recomended album by Bird Is The Worm

pacosan album mastering mixing taak studio gius



Desbocadamente hipnóticos, lisérgicos y, sobre todo, diferentes.

Pacosan se entregan ahora por completo con su primer disco largo, “My high”, reivindicándose como una de las bandas más eclécticas, versátiles y sugestivas del panorama independiente nacional. “My high” hipnotiza desde la primera escucha con su mezcla narcótica de psicodelia lo-fi y electrónica, que va de Gary Numan a Animal Collective pasando por Caribou -no es casualidad que el propio John Schmersal mezclara su anterior EP. Un intenso viaje rico en texturas sónicas, transitando por paisajes áridos que se abren hacia la luz más estroboscópica. Temas como “She’s the one”, “Burn America” o la inicial “Jesus” lo corroboran a golpe de intensidad y vocoder.

Originarios del siempre prolífico Garraf y curtidos en bandas como El Petit de Cal Eril, The Lions Constellation, Ly o Shorebreak; David Paco, Perico Massana y Sergi Marcet dan con este disco un gran salto, contando también en directo con la colaboración de Juan Manuel Celorio (miembro fundador de Tokio Sex Destruction).

A pesar de la juventud del proyecto, en los dos últimos años han mantenido una actividad frenética que los ha llevado a pasear su enérgico directo con regularidad por escenarios y festivales, compartiendo gira con bandas internacionales como The Dodos, Glass Animals, Holy Fuck o los míticos Silver Apples. Con su último EP, "Space's Confes", llamaron la atención de la escena alternativa y abrieron las expectativas ante la publicación de un primer largo que ahora llega por fin, despertando el interés de un público ávido de nuevas propuestas.

Produced by Pacosan and Giuliano Gius Cobelli.
Additional Recording and Mixing at Taak Studio.
Mastering by Ives Russel.
Released by Bank Robber.


#mixing #mastering

Montana Colors uses one of ChUPACONChA songs for their new ad campaign: Nitro 2G.


#mixing #mastering

ANDREW-A: Guitars
Santiago Arteaga: Bass Guitar
Giuliano Gius Cobelli: Drums
Mireia Tajero: Sax on Jungle & A-Groove
Recorded at El Patio Studio recording
Additional recording, mixing and mastering: Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio


postkarten tv xtvl mastering television taak studio gius



Music production, composition, mixing, mastering for TV for the serie 'Postkarten'